Triple crown baseball rules

Triple Crown Rule Modifications

Except if noted before the occasion, National Federation High School Rules will be utilized with the

following documentations. Triple Crown maintains all authority to uphold specific invitational

competition rules. Franchisees may offer principle varieties.

1. Age Requirement: May 1 will be the assigned date to decide ages. Copies of

birth authentications will be required.

2. List rules are as per the following:

8u to 14u – Rosters may not surpass 20 players over the span of the period.

15u to 18u – Rosters may not surpass 25 players over the span of the period.

3. Dissent Fee: $100 money (on rule understanding as it were).

4. Game Time: Starting time is relinquish time, except if delay is made by Triple Crown. Game

time begins at consummation of coin hurl.

5. Host Team: Determined by coin flip in pool play, in season finisher adjusts the better seeded

group will be given decision of home/guest. Host group is required to keep the official book.

6. Player Minimum: A group must beginning with at least 9 players however can get done with less,

taking outs in cleared batting positions.

7. Title Games: No time limit and no “Triple Crown Tie Breaker” – run rules are

still basically.

8. Pitching Rules (Innings per Tournament):

8s = 6 innings 9s = 6 innings 10s = 6 innings 11s = 6 innings 12s = 6 innings

13s = 7 innings 14s = 7innings 15s = 8 innings 16s = 8 innings 18s = 8 innings
triple crown baseball rules

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