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College baseball players often play in collegiate summer leagues. Volunteer host families provide them with lodging and meals. Three national sports associations NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA regulate the rules and playing sessions at the intercollegiate level. College teams compete every year in NCAA’s championships across 3 divisions. The main event in college baseball is the College World Series held in June in Omaha, Nebraska. Many sportsmen start their playing careers in a suburban baseball league.


The Omaha Suburban Athletic Association (OSAA) organizes recreational and sports programs in the Omaha area. Its primary fields are in Lamp Park. Memorial Day, May 25th is the only day without games. On Saturday baseball runs from 9:00 am, on Sunday from noon until dark. Omaha suburban baseball teams are very competitive in the area tournaments.


Suburban Travel Baseball supports those players who dream of competing at a higher level within their age group. Travel teams should attend all practices (1-2 times per week) and weekend tournaments. A home team must wait 15 minutes after the scheduled game time for travelling teams to arrive before the game is forfeited. Suburban baseball is volunteer driven and relies on the assistance of the parents involved.

Baseball can boast of several well-organized leagues for junior players. Their programs can differ in less contact, a smaller field, the number of innings, base running restrictions or easier pitching. The Suburban Baseball League NJ was the first youth-amateur travel organization.


The Midwest Suburban Baseball League (MSL) is among the most successful amateur leagues in the country. It has 46 teams with 3 divisions. MSL chooses grass fields with infields, dugouts, home run fences and lights across the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The fully-umpired games have 9 innings. MSL players take part in All-Star Games, playoffs, championship series for all levels.


The West Suburban Baseball League (WSBL) consists of multiple “in-house” organizations located outside of Chicago, Illinois. They participate at three levels: Pony (13 -14 years old), Bronco / Majors (11-12 years old), Mustang / Minors (at age 9-10). Teams must play minimum 12-16 games scheduled by the league according to the level. WSBL team rosters must be submitted within 10 days of the posted opening day of the season.

The Mid Suburban Baseball League (MSBL) offers American, National and Elite Divisions for 9-14-year-old players. It provides full time travel teams from Illinois communities with the opportunity to play competitive level baseball. The season runs from April 1st to late June. Teams play between 18-28 league games.

The Suburban One Baseball League (SOL) is an athletic conference in Southern Pennsylvania. It has produced district, state and even national championships. SOL has created “The Code of Conduct” to maintain good relationships in the field of athletics.

High school students try to go to college on a baseball scholarship. It is hard to earn them, though. NCAA regulates the number of scholarships that colleges get for recruiting players. Coaches can divide full scholarships into smaller awards. To enter the south suburban college baseball program, you should work actively on the diamond, create your online recruiting profile and communicate with coaches.

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